Below are just a few testimonials from homeowners who chose Darrell to build their pool

Wow! We have the most beautiful blue pool ever !!

My husband had to have this massive wall which turned out to be pretty awesome. Darrell can do it all and he does do it mostly by himself except when he lets me help. ( It kills him for me to bother him but he lets me sometimes). He did the spray decking which is awesome to walk on. It has turned out to be just what we wanted.!! Love his wife, Lisa. I’m sure she is his backbone and the sweetest person you would want to meet !!

Jacquie Blackard


Darrell Russell has built three (3) pools for my family. It’s not just the pool that makes his pool fabulous, it is the personal attention to details and going above and beyond. The most important thing is that Darrell will build and create my next pool. He makes children and family dreams with concrete and H2O. Thank you Darrell.

Ronnie Beard 


Darrell Russell is a pleasure to work with and a man of integrity. He and his wife, Lisa, are making our life long dream come true. They are good Christian folks respected by customers and contractors alike.

Marcia Bergeron